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June 2024 Photo Contest

July 9, 2024 by
June 2024 Photo Contest
Casey Bunker

We are so excited to announce the winners of June's Photo Contest! To learn more about what it takes to win, be sure to check out our blog on the contest details.

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If you want to see all photo submissions, visit our Customer Photo Gallery. You can also search through all of the Winning Submissions here.

Let’s see the winners

ByAnnie Top Voted

WINNER: Kim  O  @QuiltaholicsAnonymous

Pattern: Payday, Courtside

THEIR STORY:  I wanted a new set of travel bags to take back to Java and Bali. I used the fabrics I made in Java a couple of years ago- they were the inspiration for the front of Courtside. The first time I saw the Courtside pattern, I knew exactly what I would do- it’s a perfect canvas!

WHAT WE LOVED: Annie had this to say, " I loved seeing Kim's Courtside and matching kicks! She's going to be a standout on the court!"

 WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Storyteller Award


Pattern: Sidekick, Ditty Bags

THEIR STORY:  When the pattern Sidekick was first introduced I really liked it and wanted it, however, not knowing anyone with a walker that could use it, I passed…then I had a light bulb moment!

I have a red folding wagon that we use with our granddaughters on outings. It is generally loaded down with all the “stuff” we need to haul around with us, barely leaving room for tired preschoolers. Sidekick seemed like it would be a perfect match!

Because the back of the wagon isn’t open like a walker, I “borrowed” a design from Backseat Babysitter 2.0 - that of the side straps - which worked perfectly as there was an exposed bar at the top of the frame to loop these around. This proved to be the perfect balance needed, especially since the back pockets would be weighted down with the girls water bottles.

After doing a search for others who have made Sidekick in the Facebook group, ByAnnie Bag Makers, I was inspired to make a small bag to fit inside the interior front pocket. I chose Ditty Bag 2.0 in the medium size. It indeed fits perfectly in the mesh divider along side my water bottle.

Now we are ready for more “adventures” and will have everything contained in an attractive and functional saddle bag. Thank you Annie for your continued irresistible designs.

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention


PATTERN: Easy Does It

THEIR STORY:  This bag is made for a specialty Nurse I have much respect for. Christine helps her patients with compassion and a warm smile. Always making them feel comforted that they’re in great hands. I want her to feel special when she receives this bag I made for her. Thank you Nurse Christine

WHAT WE LOVED: Our team member Lee had this to say, " This bag is my favorite. I just loved how she made it for a special person."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention

WINNER: Stephanie S @SerinoDesigns

PATTERN: Ultimate Travel Bag

THEIR STORY:  I love to make quilted panels and turn them into bags but I had never worked with quilting on a foam stabilizer before. I wanted to experience the support ByAnnie's Soft and Stable could give a bag as well as gain practice in binding a large structured bag.

 I chose this pattern because I loved the large size and my local quilt shop offered this pattern as a class. I wanted to give the large panels in this bag a scrappy style as I don't like to use large pieces of the same fabric.

WHAT WE LOVED: Our team member Nolan had this to say, "Toe Shoes! Oh, I guess the bag is cool too..."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

A special "thank you" to everyone who submitted to this photo contest. We had a wonderful time viewing submissions and reading your stories. We look forward to sharing as many of them as possible on our social media.

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