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May 2024 Photo Contest

June 10, 2024 by
May 2024 Photo Contest
Casey Bunker

We are so excited to announce the winners of May's Photo Contest! To learn more about what it takes to win, be sure to check out our blog on the contest details.

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Let’s see the winners

ByAnnie Top Voted

WINNER: Natalia Z

Pattern: Ultimate Travel Bag

THEIR STORY:  My dearest sewing sister talked me into doing a Slow Along with Randi. I joined the ByAnnie community and oh my goodness, it opened a whole new happy world for me.

 I made two small clam ups and decided I need to try my hand at the Ultimate Travel Bag, wow, what a journey and awesome experience, I loved and enjoyed the planning the fabrics, watched video after video, dreamed how I would fussy cut the fabric. I enjoyed every stitch in this bag and can't wait to plan my next one!

 I did adopt two little girls at birth, they are 8 and 9 years old, I am planning to make them lunch bags and back packs for school. I have until August!!

WHAT WE LOVED: Annie had this to say, "Jamie did an amazing job fussy-cutting and arranging the fabrics for her Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0. I love how she showcased the people and architecture on this fun Ghastlie's print."

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Storyteller Award


Pattern: Double Zip Gear Bags

THEIR STORY:  My grandson loves to sew on my big machine every time he comes to visit. He started to take an interest in it at the age of 9 and is 12 now.

After I made some travel bags for the grandkids he decided he wanted to make his own and started to search for a pattern that he liked and fell in love with the double zip gear bag as well as the fabric I had in my collection.

 He decided on the placement of the fabric on the different sections on the bag and started the crosshatching. He managed to do most of it by himself and helped his younger sister on her bag.

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention

WINNER: Annelies V

PATTERN: All Aboard

THEIR STORY:  My first creation in faux leather, as an exercise before I venture into real leather. I'm happy with how it turned out...🙃

The material is not much thicker than, for example, the boucle I recently worked with, so that was not a problem. What was difficult was that you cannot use pins (they leave holes in the faux leather) and neither you can iron it.
I replaced the pinning by using BA double-sided tape.

The ironing can be replaced by putting clips on it. But not for too long because they will leave marks in the faux leather.
It's a nice and easy pattern. Handy, spacious storage for home or travel. You could also use it as a beauty case. I added a zipper to the mesh pocket in the lid.

WHAT WE LOVED: Our team member Teresa had this to say, "Making the All Aboard train case with faux leather, Anneliese upped the game. The simple quilting is just perfect."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention



THEIR STORY:  I always wanted a pretty scissors case I can hang to prevent misplacing them.

WHAT WE LOVED: Annie had this to say, "I loved seeing the beautiful Cut It Out that Erika made to hold her scissors. She beautifully staged the Cut It Out along with her Featherweight machine and other accessories."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

A special "thank you" to everyone who submitted to this photo contest. We had a wonderful time viewing submissions and reading your stories. We look forward to sharing as many of them as possible on our social media.

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