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Needles, Thread, Stitch Length, and Seam Allowances

What color of thread matches your products? 

​It can be hard to choose thread colors online, so we have prepared a list of colors of Superior Thread's SoFine#50 thread that coordinate best with our products.

​Note that we usually match our thread to the fabrics we are using. However, there are times when we prefer to blend our thread color with zippers, mesh, and fold-over.

​The list below includes Superior Threads' SoFine #50 colors and Aurifil colors to match all 48 of our colors of zippers. Our 14 most popular colors of zippers along with their related colors of lightweight mesh fabric and fold-over elastic are marked with a *.

​Join our Helpful Resources course to get a PDF Thread Color Chart and other great items. Note that this chart is sorted by zipper SKU.