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How do I know what supplies I’ll need for each bag? 

​Each pattern comes with a supply list that provide information about what you’ll need to complete your project. You can also find the supply list on by selecting the Supply List tab on any of our pattern pages.

How can I easily compare your patterns for backpacks, purses & totes, and travel bags? 

​Curious how a purse, duffle, or other bag measures up to the bags similar to it? See information and compare at a glance when you click on the "Comparison Chart" tab on a pattern's product page.

​To make it easier, we've included links to a couple of the product pages' tabs below. Click on the chart to enlarge.

This comparison chart features:

      • Switchback
      • Out and About
      • Back At Ya 2.1
      • Got Your Back 2.1
      • Every Day Every Way

Backpack Comparison Chart

​These comparison charts feature:

      • Annie's Favorite Purses
      • Bowl Me Over 2.0
      • Night and Day
      • On the Go
      • On the Town II
      • Serenity/Serenity II
      • Switchback
      • Bon Voyage
      • Daytripper II
      • MiPad Case
      • To Market To Market
      • Totally Trendy Totes

​*Be sure to scroll down to see both Chart I and Chart II

Purses & Totes Comparison Charts I & II

This comparison chart features:

      • Every Day Every Way
      • Get Out of Town 2.1
      • Round Trip Duffle
      • Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0
      • Travel Duffle Bag 2.1

Travel Bag Comparison Chart

This comparison chart features:

      • Netbook Computer Carriers II
      • Laptop Computer Carriers II
      • Executive Computer Carryall II
      • iCases
      • Tech Tote
      • Power Trip
      • Zip It Up!

Tech Bag Comparison Chart

Do you have PDFs of the patterns? Why don’t you have more PDF patterns. 

​Not all patterns are available as a PDF. The main reason is because selling principally in a printed format helps us support local quilt shops by giving them a large number of great patterns to resell which helps them and their customers.

​The patterns we do have available are here:

Can I make copies of your patterns or sell items I make using your patterns? 

​All patterns are protected by a copyright and are intended for the personal use of the retail purchaser only. Permission is granted to make up to ten items for gifts or sale. We also request that you credit us for the creation of the pattern. If you want to make more than ten, please contact for permission ([email protected]).

​If projects are made in a classroom setting, each student must purchase a pattern. Photocopying and all other types of reproduction, including mechanical, electronic, computerized, or digital are prohibited without the written consent of and Annie Unrein. Please respect the time and energy it took to make the patterns.

​The copyright notice on all of our patterns allows you to make up to ten items for gift or for sale.

​We do ask that you credit Annie Unrein as the designer of the pattern. If you are selling the item, please include the name of the pattern used, Annie's name as designer, and our website on the listing for the item and on a tag attached to the item.

​For example, let's say you made a travel bag from our Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 pattern and you are selling it on an Etsy site. In the description of the bag and on a tag attached to the bag, please include this information:

​"This travel bag was made using the Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 pattern designed by Annie Unrein of"

​If you'd like to make more than ten items from a pattern, please contact us. We review additional requests on a case-by-case basis.

I see that there’s a 2.0 or 2.1 version for some of your patterns, but I have the original version. Is it no longer good? 

​If you have an older pattern, you can still use it to produce a great bag. Our 2.0/2.1 versions were released to include updated graphics, an easier-to-follow layout, and improved instructions. Some new 2.0 patterns also include new features like different straps, trolley sleeves, and more.

​As we release new 2.0 and 2.1 patterns, we also film an Add-on Video for each of them. There are some older 2.0 patterns that we now print as II (Roman Numeral 2) patterns, these older patterns do not have Add-on Videos. To find all patterns that have accompanying Add-on Videos, look HERE.

​We understand this can be confusing, but as we have grown as a company so has our desire to improve our work and give you the best sewing experience we possibly can. Never hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] for further clarification or other questions.

​On each pattern's web page, we do our best to list what has been changed or updated.

​Because the original pattern is still great and usable, we do not offer trade-ins. The newer 2.0/2.1 is an update, not a recall. The changes to the pattern are also not available by themselves since the entire pattern has been updated, not just select measurements or images or corrections.

Do you have any advice for sewing through thick layers? 

​While some machine struggle to sew through thick layers, most household sewing machines should be able to sew any of our projects. Here are a few things to keep in mind before sewing:

    • We recommend using a sharp 90/14 topstitch needle and suggest changing your needle frequently.
    • Check to make sure you’re using the correct tension settings for your machine
    • Let your machine move the fabric. Do not tug at it.
    • We suggest using ByAnnie’s Stiletto and Pressing Tool to help press down the layers and feed it through the foot.
    • Our new technique, introduced in the Add-on Video for our pattern Out and About mentions that you can use a small hammer to help “smoosh” down the layers.
    • Be mindful of the type of fabric you are using. Be suggest using quilting cottons for our patterns, so be aware that there will be added thickness when using cork, denim, home dec fabrics, etc.

Why are bindings used so much in your patterns? 

​We've found that binding gives a strong "skeleton" to a bag providing additional support and stability. We also like the decorative element that a coordinating/contrasting binding provides.

Why do your patterns only have instructions and not cut-out pieces like other patterns? 

​We've opted to use cutting instructions over paper cut-outs because we find you get much more accurate measurements. We also like that the pattern can be used over and over again, whereas cut-outs tend to wear out or could be damaged after repeated use.

​With the majority of our bags, the cuts are rectangular shapes that can be easily measured with a straight ruler, and any rounded edges can be shaped with a circle ruler, compass, or even a larger thread cone.

​On patterns where there are larger circles, or specific shapes, we do provide a template for cutting out (i.e. – Nesting Baskets, Jet Set 2.0, Potluck Pals, Serenity Shoulder Bag, etc.)