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Vinyl, clear - 15yd x 54" - 16 gauge
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    Sturdy, yet flexible, this premium weight vinyl is 54” wide and double polished for maximum clarity.  A 16-gauge vinyl, it is the perfect weight to hold up to extended use while still being easy to sew through. Use this beautifully-clear vinyl for see-through pockets or windows  in organizers, bins, purses and bags, wallets, and more. You will love the visibility and security that this premium vinyl provides.

    The vinyl is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a cloth.

    Or it may be safely machine washed and dried on medium heat.  Just be sure to take it out of the dryer promptly and lay it flat to cool.

    The vinyl is packaged on a roll, which prevents wrinkles and folds and makes it very manageable and easy to use.

    A white paper backing clings to the vinyl so it is extra-easy to see the edges of the vinyl when cutting. Just leave the paper attached until you are ready to sew.

    Then the paper may be easily peeled away and used to prevent the vinyl from sticking to the sewing machine table.

    The vinyl is 54” wide and is packaged in two convenient sizes:

      A 16” x 54” roll

      A 15-yard x 54” roll

    For more info about the vinyl and tips for cutting, marking, and sewing with it, please watch our ByAnnie's Premium Clear Vinyl: A Closer Look video.