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ByAnnie's Stiletto & Pressing Tool
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    After almost two years in development, this soon became one of Annie's very favorite tools!  She considers the stiletto/pressing tool to be every bit as important as a rotary cutter. It is always in her hand as she sews.

    Here's what we love about this precision placement tool:

    • The stiletto point enables you to hold pieces in place easily and is especially helpful when piecing or attaching bindings. 
    • You can keep the tip of the stiletto in place on the fabric almost until the needle reaches the point. It is impossible to keep your fingers in place when you get that close to the needle.
    • We added one step which sets this tool apart from any other on the market: The point of the stiletto is sand ground which means it is lovingly "roughed up". This prevents the point from sliding off the fabric and really helps you grab, pull, and hold pieces in place. We looked long and hard to find a company who could provide this feature for us and ended up having to send the points to a needle-manufacturing facility to complete this step. It adds to the cost but it is SO worth it! 
    • The high-carbon German-made steel point is strong and inserted deep into the handle for long-lasting wear.
    • The other end of the tool is angled at just the right degree to make a surface for pressing seams open. There is no need to move to the ironing board for just a small seam. You can press right at your machine!
    • The stiletto/pressing tool is very lightweight so hands don't get tired.
    • The entire tool is made of quality European beech wood which is lacquer-finished for long-lasting wear and a smooth finish. The lacquer-finish makes the handle durable and water-resistant.
    • Turnings on the handle make the tool easy to hold and grip.
    • Flattened edges on each side of the tool prevent it from rolling off your work space. 

    We know that you will love this tool, too. Try one today — and then come back for more! Annie keeps a stiletto/pressing tool at each machine plus one on her worktable and another in her travel sewing kit so that she always has one close at hand.

    ByAnnie's Stiletto/Pressing Tool makes a great gift for friends who sew or quilt. They will bless you for your thoughtfulness as they fall in love with this handy tool!

    Safety note: The point of the stiletto is very sharp. Be sure to cover it with the tubing cover after use and keep it away from children, pets, and rowdy teenagers.