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Zippers Are Easy | Tutorial

Zippers Are Easy | Tutorial

Don't let zippers scare you! 

In these series of videos, Annie shows how easy it is to add a zipper to your project.

Last Update 06/07/2024
Completion Time 2 hours 2 minutes
  • Zippers Are Easy — Join this Course to access content
    • Zippers are Easy Handout
    • Using Zippers By The Yard
    • Zippers Are EASY!
    • Make Zippers of Any Length or Style
    • Why Use Handbag Zippers
    • Installing Zippers
    • Installing a Zippered Pocket in Your Project
    • Zipper Pulls
    • Installing a Zipper in a Simple Bag
    • Zippers on Curves
  • Handbag Zippers
    • Why Handbag Zippers
    • Sizes and Styles
    • Zippers by the Yard
    • Using Leftover Zipper Tape